Illustrations help enhance the appeal and cognition of any communication. Below is a collection of some useful graphics I’ve created in vector based tools such as OmniGraffle Professional and Pixelmator.

1. Concept sketches drawn in OmniGraffle Pro using stencils imported from Adobe Illustrator.

2. Process diagrams drawn in OmniGraffle Pro.

3. Logo creation in various stages; starting from a hand-drawn sketch to points editing and metallic noise effects in Pixelmator.

 4. Retro style graphics for a poster advert and full-width banners produced in Pixelmator. All photographs have been shot by me using a 50mm f1.8 lens.

More images coming soon…

Note: Examples shown above are solely for the purpose of illustrating work delivered for a selection of clients. The contents of this site must not be copied or disclosed to third parties without permission. All brands belong to respective owners.