UX Groundwork

Let’s talk about how the wider User Centered Design (UCD) process kicks-off the UX effort within a digital product development project.

Digital product design & development cycle
  1. Start with the idea, use cases and user journeys (to assess whether they stack up) – I’d recommend a method called process design testing,
  2. Write down requirements (Confluence epics and user stories), create early concepts & IA,
  3. Progress into prototyping, finessing UX through insights and IxD,
  4. Launch build programme (agile sprints to meet time to market target), staying user focused when creating visual design in parallel,
  5. Test, QA and refine,
  6. Launch or Update production environment,
  7. Optimise and maintain.

Few example deliverables of early UX activities –

High level page flows to help discuss requirements during scope discovery sessions.
Create high-level customer journeys that represent the application’s model.
Process flow detailing business logic and touch-points across all routes within the customer journey.
Create process flows detailing the touch-points from a application POV.
HJL requirements
Capture product requirements in Confluence.

At the core of a digital product is the consultancy, the first point of tangibility.

Hybrid Journey